Model T Ford Club of America

The Southern Peach T’s is a certified Chapter of the MTFCA. Most of our Founding Members (as individuals) are members at this time. If you are not also part of the MTFCA, there are many benefits to joining.


The Model T Ford Club of America was organized in late 1965 for the purpose of bringing together people who are interested in the Model T Ford, its history, its evolution, and its place in the American scene. The Model T Ford Club of America is the largest Model T club in the world. Over one hundred chapters have been formed in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South America providing activities and fellowship for Model T enthusiasts on the local level.


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The Model T Explorer Club

Just for kids age 7-17

Member Benefits Include:

  • Name Badge and Membership Card
  • 3 Issues of The Model T Explorer Newsletter
  • Games, Contest, Prizes & Development Grant
  • Chance to Suggest Activities or Write Articles
  • Special Explorer Activities at National Tours

Annual membership includes three newsletters each year full of fun and interesting Model T related content and activities. Kids will love the hands-on experiments, facts, stories, and history prepared by teachers, Model T owners, mechanics, historians, fellow youth members, and The Henry Ford!

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