In support of our EDUCATIONAL MISSION, the chapter members will be recommending tidbits of knowledge from many sources about Model T’s! Share your ideas:

May Articles

Why It’s So Hard to Drive on a Hill

Thanks Jay Corman for suggesting this video on Why It’s So Hard to Drive on a Hill! Good advice! Link Here To View Video

Thanks Lester Brookshire for suggesting this buying guide video. – “Wish we had a service like this locally. He talks about the practicality of owning a Model T Ford.” – Link Here For Video

Thanks again Lester Brookshire for suggesting this driving video – “Driving a Model T Ford just takes practice. So get out there!” – Link Here For Video

April Articles

Thanks to Darin Hull for sharing his video on starting a 1913 T. – Link Here for Video

Safety Note: – 😳 “Would hate to demonstrate a safety issue. I use my right hand when I engage the choke but the switch is not on battery or mag. I set the spark to the fully retarded position and will then switch to battery. Hand crank with a left hand and thumb tucked.”

Thanks to Brian Sega for recommending this series of videos on operation and repair of Model T Fords. View Mitch Taylor Videos

March Articles

Video from MTFCA: Starters, Motors and Generators – Featuring Brent MizeLink Here For Video

Thanks to Jay Corman for leading us to 15 Episodes of a Model T project. It’s a 1923 Fordor Sedan. We can learn a lot! Link Here For Video

Thanks to Lester Brookshire for his recommendation to Mitch Taylor’s 8 videos on everything from starting to transmissions for Model T’s – Link Here