The Southern Peach T’s became the first Georgia chapter of the MTFCA (Model T Ford Club of America) as of March 25th of 2021. Twenty-some energetic, like-minded Model T lovers officially formed a Chapter to better preserve a piece of transportation history, to share knowledge about this iconic vehicle and to offer driving events for the enjoyment of members and the community.


The mission of this Chapter is to provide an outlet for the preservation, education and driving of Models T’s Fords for enthusiasts of all ages. To unite the entire membership, raise the experience level of all Members and educate future generations, we offer a network of experience and knowledge through Chapter meetings, programs and activities throughout the year, while planning and leveraging tours, cruises, car shows and parades throughout the state.

Vintage Ford Magazine – GA Chapter Announcement

Announcement Letter

From Darin Hull, President

Southern Peach T’s

March 25, 2021… Remember the date as we have received notice the Southern Peach T’s have officially been recognized as the MTFCA’s newest chapter and the first MTFCA chapter in the great State of Georgia!

I would like to thank each of you because your commitment to the Model T hobby, and your commitment to become a founding member, turned this idea into a reality. Job well done!

There are more steps to take and more work to be done; however, take a moment to enjoy the news and official support from the MTFCA. 

Thank you for your time,


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